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Gallon Fuel

Experience which makes the difference

Gallon Fuel was founded in 2010 and constitutes the continuation of Gallon Oil SA.
Our long experience and our volume of business, rates us among pioneer companies concerning the sale of shipping fuel.

In this dynamic environment, we have set a high standard. Our goal is to offer high quality products and good services to meet our customer needs. With consistency, responsibility, good prices, excellent quality and prompt deliveries, we are ready to fulfill your needs. We aim high because we know your demands. We deliver nationally using our own company’s trucks.

The company

Gallon Yachting

Dynamic responsibility in a demanding environment

Gallon Yachting is dynamically placed among our new activities to cover a demanding field, yours!

We have set a high standard because we know your demands. We deliver our products to all greek ports with our trucks


Yachting products

We ensure to receive the best fuel with the exact amount of order

Why you must prefer Gallon Fuel

As trust is built not only on honesty and reliability but clearly on the responsibility of ensuring all the requirements of an unforgettable trip

Owned tank-wagons

Marine gasoil 0.1%


Marine gasoil 0.1% is a fuel that we deliver in all over Greece with or without taxation. It is suitable for professional or private vessels.This fuel covers the condition of ISO 8217 2010, without any admixture to Bio Diesel and is therefore an excellent fuel. It is an ideal choice for any kind of engine.

Automotive Diesel


Automotive diesel comprises a vast well-know product for any kind of diesel engine. It is intended for private vessels indeed and is considered areliable solution. It is available in admixture based on European regulation 7% in Biodiesel.

Ecopower marine gasoil


Ecopower marine gasoil (MGO 0.1%) ideal for any vessel either professional or private (transit or free) idela for all marine engines with better performances and cleaner combustions.

Ecopower diesel


Ecopower diesel is suitable for any oil engine with antimicrobial, anti-smoke technology that not allows the development of fungus in oil tanks as well as in lines of alimentation with a simultaneous reduction in smoke during combustion

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Amanda 3 Yacht

One of the most trustworthy companies in Greece. The quality of their fuels is stable

Amanda 3 Yacht

Blue Sea Yacht

Fast delivery and they send me exactly the quantity of the fuel that i wanted without to miss any litter

Blue Sea Yacht

Angel Yacht

Our 8 years cooperation with Gallon is the signature of our trust to them

Angel Yacht


Moulki region,
193 00 Aspropyrgos,
Attica, Greece



+30 210 557 7590
+30 210 558 0490